3 Best Free & Popular WordPress SEO


Search Engine is the most important sorce of traffic for website that’s why I have to be thorough in adjusting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in web development. This time, I’ll share you the best SEO for WordPress site. The listed SEO plugins below also easy to use and do not damage the core of WordPress.


All in One SEO Pack

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3 best wordpress seo plugin all in one seo plugin - rio bermano

All in One SEO Pack will optimizes your WordPress site, this plugin was created on 2007 and has a lot of free features because only a few features are paid. With these free features you are capable of optimizing of WordPress site with a high level of recommendation and very easy to use. It’s features a lot though the free version and able to complete with other old blog sites.

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Yoast SEO

3 best wordpress seo plugin yoast seo - rio bermano

The good enough plugin for WordPress SEO, created by Joos de Valk and the team to improve your WordPress SEO and all required aspects. This plugin will takes care of all your website activities on search engine and really helps you how to be good in content writing because this plugin will choose keywords carefully based on your content when you are writing. As we know, this plugin also has free and paid features.

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W3 Total Cache

3 best wordpress plugin seo w4 total cache - rio bermano

Improves the user experiences of your website by improving website performance, the only WordPress performance optimization framework that designed to improve the user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I often read in forum and heard from a lot of WP users a great deals recommends this plugin.

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Of course I’ve tried all listed plugins above to know more detail before sharing this post, whatever you choose, please keep in mind in using SEO plugin can’t be change in short frequent because it will adversely affect your WordPress site.

GoodLuck !

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