3 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Security Reasons


WordPress is the the most popular CMS and like home for bloggers, and of course this is a great opportunity for hacker to act. WordPress always improve it’s security in various ways likewise for WP users themselve, they can perform various ways to secure your WordPress site from hacker. The easiest way is using one of these 3 security plugin.

#1 Sucuri Security

3 best free wordpress plugin for security reason - rio bermano

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Sucuri is one of WP security plugin can adapt to any kind of security form on a web browsers, by using this plugin you can see potential risk log / vulnerability records. In addition, this plugin also able to scan malware very well and delete it every day in hackers to get into your WordPress site.

#2 Wordfence

After you finish installing this plugin, the plugin will do an automatic scan to check things that smells of crime on your WordPress site. Wordfence scans up to the bones by identifying your official WordPress codes, securing 1000% to it’s depth (not only the theme or the outside). So, you don’t have to worry when changing themes, installing themes, activating themes or plugins.

#3 BulletProof Security

This plugin also scan very deeply to the bones of plugins that are installed though, because hacker can come from anywhere. In addition, this plugin certainly secures every system of your WordPress site and helps you by optimizing your site performance. BulletProof Security can be up to backup your data, scanning .htaccess file on your site which is the core of your website. This plugin also makes use of cookies to secure your WordPress admin panel from bad guys.

So, which plugin is good for my WP site ? Please choose the plugin that suitable with your WordPress behavior & environment. Click here to watch the video explanation.

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