How To Enable Intel VT-X in BIOS

Intel VT-X (Virtualization Technology) is disabled by default, this is a different setting with AMD (AMD-V) which enabled by default. To enable VT-X on Windows please go to BOOT MENU / BIOS, every motherboard may course different ways. You already know that.

Than go to the Advanced Menu to display BIOS MENU, now open CPU Configuration to display options in it. Look for Intel VT-X or Virtualization Tecnology and set it to Enabled.

Done ! Now you already activate Intel VT-X on your PC. Save & Exit or press F10 on keyboard to do it than automatically will boot again with the latest setting.

Have a little confusion ? Click here to watch video tutorial.

Note: Please Enable Hyper-V or Hyper Threading to balance computer usage, or keep it disabled if you know what you do.

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