Exporting Video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


Every Adobe Premiere users want to produce / export / render the video after editing, we can export to various file types such as MP4, MPEG, MPEG4, etc. Let’s start it !


Prepare the video to be exported, make sure you’ve checked it again before exporting.

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In the top left menu, click File -> Export -> Media or press CTRL+M on keyboard will show the popup window. Now, you can set overall video exportation settings. For exmaple, you can change the video file type to MP4. Please configure anything you need here.


Click the Maximum Reder checkbox to export video with maximum render quality or leave it uncheck to export video with normal render quality, when checked means the render progress will be longer than before.


When it’s finish, click the Export button at the bottom of that popup wondow. When Export button is clicked, the small popup will shown in the middle of your screen. This small popup displays an exportation progress (%) with the estimated time.


When the process is done, you can find the video in Documents -> Adobe -> Premiere -> Adobe Premiere Version Number. This location set by default, it could be different if you change the result location before exporting video.

Have a little confusion ? Click here to see a simple video tutorial.

Done ! Now, you can watch the video or upload it to socials.

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