Learn Bahasa Indonesia (Lesson 2)


Hi there, how are you ? This article will continue the last lesson. Have you read the Lesson 1 ? Please read and learn from Lesson 1, cause I know you want to be good in Bahasa. In Indonesia, most of us shake hands when meet people anywhere. What should we say when shaking hands?

Let’s Begin !

When shaking hands, you can say how are you. How are you in Bahasa is “Apa Kabar”, becareful to say it don’t miss! Because “Apa” means “What” & “Kabar” means “Witting / News”. But when you say it together “Apa Kabar” the means would be “How Are You”, if you say “Kabar Apa” the means not “How Are You” anymore but “What News”.

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Some regions, usually say “Apa Kabar” as “Bagaimana Kabarmu”. The same meaning but different sentence, the meaning is “How Are You”. “Bagaimana” means “How”, The real mean of “Kabar” is “Witting / News” and “mu” is a pronouns of “Kamu” and “Kamu” means “You”.
In bahasa, we can shorten “Kamu” with “mu” in the last word. So, “Kamu” could be “mu” in several sentence. For example in “Bagaimana Kabar-mu” this is a changes or shortening of “Bagaimana Kabar Kamu”.

What we have to answer when someone says “Apa Kabar / Bagaimana Kabarmu”?. Please answer “Kabar Baik”, this mean “I’m Good / I’m Okay / I’m Fine” etc. So, when you say “What about you” after answering a “How are you” question just say “Bagaimana Denganmu” after “Kabar Baik”. Please pause or split your voice between “Kabar Baik” and “Bagaimana denganmu”.
“Bagaimana” means “How” and the real means of “Dengan” is “With” and “mu” Like what I’ve told you above about shorten “Kamu” to “mu”.

So, when you say “Bagaimana Denganmu” after you answer “Kabar Baik”, your friend will answer “Kabar Baik Juga”. What is mean “Juga”?.
“Juga” means “Also / Too”. When there is a equality in the conversation, it will use “Juga” at the end of the sentence.

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