Removing Touchpal Keyboard Text Predictions


Touchpal Keyboard Android is one of popular keyboard applications with the convenience and fast speed operation in every single keyboard actions, this keyboard also used as default keyboard on OPPO smartphone (F & other series) so it can’t be removed.

Sorry, that’s just a summary 😀 Now, we go to the point “How to remove Touchpal text predictions / suggestions ?”.

  • Firstly, go to any chat screen to display the keyboard than click an Option (touchpal icon) at the left of touchpal keyboard bar.
  • Press the Comma (,) till a small box appears as pop up layer.
  • Switch the toggle OFF to disable text prediction

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Just it ! You can switch back ON to enable the text predictions. Try your self…

Got a little confusion ? Click here to watch a simple video tutorial.

Hope it helps you out !

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