[Requirements] How To Get Instagram Verified Badge

There’s no request to get Instagram verified badge and almost all socials don’t have it. But ofcourse there are terms to get verfication badge. Now, I’ll describe somethings that can be called as “Term” to get verified symbol on your Instagram account.

Instagram says on Instagram’s blog “Instagram accounts can’t verified easily, Instagram mentioned that only Brand, Public Figure & Celebrities who can get verified symbols“.

Well, from the quote we get the point of account owner criterias (Brand, Public Figure & Celebrites). We got 1 “Term“.

Next! Please check yourself if you don’t belive in me, you can check all Instagram accounts must have a verified Facebook Page as well. And we can call it as the 2nd “terms“. I found some IG Brands account don’t have a verified symbol, most likely because they don’t have a verfied FB Page.

So, I think you must have a verified FB page first. When your FB Page got verified, it will not be longer your Instagram account will be verified too if you connect each other.

Don’t know how to create Facebook Page ? Click here to see the simple guide.

In some cases, you will find some verified FB Pages but the Instagram accounts are not. Why ?

Well, we can call it the next “terms“. As Instagram said on his article a few year ago “Any Instagram account owners who has verified FB Page must link it each other”. See here how to connect FB page and Instagram properly.

So, all of you who already have verified FB Page please connect to your Instagram in order to be processed by Instagram. Maybe the process would require time and activities review by Instagram side.

What if I don’t have Facebook FanPage ?

Create One !

Instagram post has been updated in 2016, he says: “Now, only accounts are likely to be forged”. I mean, to get Instagram badge will be a bit more difficult than before, GoodLuck !

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