Difference Between Google AdSense Hosted & Non-Hosted Account


Google AdSense is one of Google products & it’s an advertising platform for publisher who want to display ads on their blog / apps, Google AdSense known as AdSense has two types of account: Hosted Account & Non Hosted Account. What’s the difference ?

Difference Between Google AdSense Hosted & Non Hosted Account

These account released because Google has lot of product that can work with Google AdSense and make it easy to apply for cooperation.

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Hosted Account

Account that associated with other Google products such as Blogspot & YouTube. Users who want to connect their Blogspot / YouTube to AdSense will be more easily accepted if using an Hosted Account. But Hosted Account is not easy to request to display ads on other products such as WordPress blog.

Click here to see how to connect AdSense (Hosted Account) with YouTube.

Non Hosted Account

Is a pure Google AdSense account created without any other Google product intermadies (first step), this account created purely from scratch on Google AdSense site page for blog / website. You can create this account wiith signing up to Google AdSense to show ads on your custom site / other Google products.

The advantage of having this account is not easy to be bocked by Google, because an Hosted Account has additional policies related to it’s product. And of course it will be expand your reach because it can pair ads anywhere, many users open a coorperation called joint venture with other users who doesn’t have AdSense account or who has rejected by Google from creating AdSense account. It’s usually devides 20% your ads revenue by account owner.

Which One Should I Have ?

It depends on your activities and your needs, if you are active on Google products like YouTube / Blogspot then simply create a Hosted Account just because Hosted Account approval will be easier. but if your move is on custom website or out of Google products then create a Non Hosted Account, Non Hosted Account has a little tightness on submission approval.

Can I Display Ads on Google Product With Hosted Account ?

Yes, of course you can. How to do it ? Please open your AdSense account page, navigate to Other Products on My ads. It’s not easy to be approved but there’s nothing wrong if you try. Enter website URL (only the main domain, all subdomain in it will be included automatically).

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